Century-old barn wood reborn as beautiful modern farmhouse furniture and artwork

Handcrafted  History

What was the world like when the reclaimed wood in our furniture was being milled and hung on barns as siding?


No planes in the sky, no Ford Model T and Pearl Harbor hadn't even been built yet.

Our furniture is all about the industrious, enterprising American spirit. It stands for meaningful work, community and carrying on tradition in the form of heirloom furniture made from barn wood. Wood that was milled and worked generations ago by hard working families and communities.



-Signature Design-

Scissor Tail

The wings and tail feathers of a Scissor-Tail in flight were the inspiration for this unique design, brought to life with century old barn wood! This signature 'Scissor Tail' top can be used for tables with various leg materials and designs, desks, wall art, headboards, and many other applications.  See more about this design by clicking the link below:

Typical Dining Table

36" x 72"

6 - 8 person

Starting $1300


Broad Board

Scissor Tail Design

Compared to our Signature 'Scissor Tail' design which features reclaimed siding, these Broad Board tops are made from high-character wall planks that still show the original saw mill marks. In the pictures you'll see it offered with metal table legs, but we also offer solid wood bases in various designs.

Typical Dining Table

36" x 72"

6 - 8 person

Starting $1600



Dining Tables and Benches

These table tops are great for displaying all of the character in reclaimed barn siding from 100 years ago. The tones are incredibly eye catching. In these photos you'll see a traditional turned-leg base but the base can be made into a trestle style or even created out of metal.

Typical Dining Table

36" x 72"

6 - 8 person

Starting $1800 including bench



Side Table

Top: Reclaimed Red Oak from a Jim Beam distillery with Epoxy coating for durability and a polyurethane sealer in matte. Base: Steel in matte black with rubber pads on the bottom.

20" Round x 20" Tall





End Table

The top of this piece tells a visual story of legacy, hard work and craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. While the saw marks are original to the old saw mills, the additional distressing is added in the shop so each piece is truly unique. Top: Salvaged wood from a Jim Beam Distillery. Base: American Pine.

Typical End Table

36" W x 24" D x 26" Tall

Starting $1000


Scissor Tail Top


Farmhouse TV Stand

Customize this beautiful Entertainment Center by size, swap out cabinet doors, or add drawers in! The top is made from reclaimed, century old barn siding in our Signature 'Scissor Tail' design. Casters underneath allow this unit to be moved around easily, but they can be swapped out for standard furniture legs on pads. Contact us today to start a custom order or place an order for what you see here.

Typical Console

80" W x 22" D x 34" Tall

Starting $2200



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After 48 hrs: 25% full price

In-Production: 50% deposit forfeit



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Custom Orders

  • Conversation

    Let's chat over the phone or meet in person to sketch out your ideal project and hammer out the details.

  • Sketches &


    Depending on the project we can use 3D renderings to make sure you're getting exactly what you're looking for.

  • Contract & Down-payment

    We sign a contract with you that goes over car of your new piece and when to expect completion. A 50% deposit covers purchasing materials to start your project.

  • Construction & Updates

    Typical build time is 6 to 10 weeks, in the meantime stay up to date as we post Work-In-Progress pictures and videos to our Instagram page!

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