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Table Tops & Bases

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1) Table Top Styles


2) Base Styles

Classic Boards

Leave your boots at the door, set your stew supplies from the village market on this old-time table as you set the fire to cook over. This is a modern re-imagining with a fine furniture finish so you can keep it in the family as an heirloom.

Bread-Board Ends

Bread-board ends aren't just a fashionable upgrade to an already elegant top. They keep the boards that make up the main body of the table top in line, no warping, no twisting. Remember, wood changes shape season to season in all sorts of subtle ways. True bread-board ends allow for this movement, held on with wooden dowels that slide in grooves, not bolted together destined to break apart later.

Scissor-Tail Style

Read more here: Scissor-Tail


Based on the beautiful shapes and angles of scissor-tail wings and tail feathers, these tops are made using reclaimed boards. We mill them smooth and age them with a special, no-VOC process to bring a silver blue patina out (can also be stained or sealed as is)

1) Table Top Styles

2) Base Styles

H Frame Base
Straightforward trestle style farmhouse table base
Clear Acrylic Table Legs
Ultra Modern take on turned table legs
French Trestle Base
High class meets cottage
Turned table legs
Classic turned table legs for any farmhouse or harvest table.
X Frame Bases
Classic 'X' frame bases, can also be made into a trestle frame.
Hairpin Table Legs
Modern metal goes great with live edge slabs or any other table top style.
Chrome X Base
Much more modern take on an old farmhouse style classic!
Straw Bundle Base
Silver table base with welded beams in a cris-cross pattern. Great for dining tables.
Pipe Base
Popular table base material works great when combining an urban and a rural aesthetic.
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