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Scissor Tail Table Top

Signature Design

'Scissor Tail'

Century old barn wood hand crafted into luxury farmhouse furniture and decor. From tables to wall art and more, the 'Scissor Tail' design is a statement piece that pays homage to the beautiful angles a scissor-tail bird's wings and tail feathers create as it dances through the sky or perches on a barbwire fence.

Previous Work

Our Signature "Scissor Tail" pieces have been used on various tables, TV consoles, and wall art. Don't see what you're looking for? Call or email us today to design a custom piece for your home.

Barn Legacy


The American barns these boards are salvaged from were built around 100 years ago by hard working, dedicated communities. Saw mills harnessed the power of river waters or steam engines to cut logs into siding. We want our furniture to honor the legacy of the old barns as well as the loggers, mill workers, and craftsmen that built these great American icons.

Our Signature "Scissor Tail" furniture and decor balance the modern look with the warm character and soul of the original barn wood. In that same vein, we craft these pieces using a mix of modern power tools and traditional hand tools, some of which are family heirlooms. We hope these pieces become heirlooms for your family, maintaining the bond from generation to generation.

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